Challenge 4.0

Do you want to do a challenge where if you don’t get results we’ll give you your money back? Yep you heard right YOUR MONEY BACK. The Underground 8-Week Challenge is back and better than ever! Summer is just around the corner and it’s now the time to get in the gym and get that summer body ready!

Our 8-week challenge will take us right up to the end of November so you’ll be looking fit and healthy just in time for beach weather!  We are looking for individuals who want to make a commitment to lose weight and tone up and get the results they want. Challenge 4.0 will provide the framework you need to hit your goals in sustainable and enjoyable way! Did we mention that the best male and best female result receives $500 cash? And if your team wins each team member receives a gold class movie ticket.



Sign up now and train for FREE until the start of the challenge! The sooner you register the more value you get!

What Does The Challenge Involve?

Challenge 4.0 is a weight loss challenge designed to make you lose weight, tone up, gain strength, and improve fitness all round.

  1. Movement Screening/fitness testing – our movement screen is apart of our induction process for all new members. This is a way for us to observe movement competency and allows us to address dysfunction in our programs. 
  2. Introduction Week – for the week prior to the official launch of the challenge we will be running classes that lay the foundations so new members can learn some of the key movements included in our programs.
  3. Full Access To Classes – Across the 8 Weeks you will have full access to our class timetable with over 21 sessions ran weekly. 
  4. Track Your Progress – You will have access to our program through our app and track your weights. 
  5. Money back guarantee: That’s right if you don’t get results we will give you your cash back. (Terms and conditions apply)
  6. Allocated House Team – You will be assigned a team and captain at the beginning of the challenge. These teams will compete for points through the challenge in various activities and competitions to become the overall team winner. These teams make the challenge fun and interactive and adds a team spirit to the challenge. Fitness should be fun, and being part of a team helps keep you accountable. 
  7. Inbody Analysis Scans – one at the beginning to give us a starting point and one at the end to see how far you have come. The Inbody is one of the tools we use to provide objective data to our participants and it provides a great start and close to the challenge and a feeling of accomplishment 
  8. Weekly Content – as well as support from the Underground Team, there will be weekly content to help guide you through the 8 weeks to ensure you make the most of the challenge. Emails, social media posts we will be heavily engaged with our participants to keep them active and involved throughout the challenge! 
  9. Custom Meal Plan: personalised nutrition plan by a real nutritionist for those who are looking to maximise their results. This is a fully customized plan using a qualified nutritionist we will map out your goals and key objectives and build a nutrition program specific to you. We know nutrition is the key to maximising results in the gym. 
  10. Weekly coach catch up: The coaches at the underground are going to bring the pressure this challenge with a dedicated coach to touch base with you a couple of times a week to keep you motivated and on track. 
  11. Two team challenges: we do two fun team challenges to mix it up and get people working as a team.
  12. Underground Starter Pack – included in your pack will be a range of merchandise, vouchers and other gifts to help get you started. Starter pack includes
  • Custom Underground 
  • Underground Shirt with your name on it 
  • Challenge timeline flyer
  • Challenge events flyer
  • Challenge team flyer detailing your teams ethos and special events attached 
  • Underground Drink bottle and towel
  1. We require a commitment to a minimum of four sessions per week
  2. We require you to follow your meal plan and fill in the weekly accountability tracker
  3. Set your fitness goal at the start of the challenge and write it at the top of your score card which will be on the board in the gym!
  4. Take a ‘before’ photo’ of yourself holding a newspaper with the days date (you do not have to share this with anyone if you don’t want to)
  5. Have a can do attitude and have fun over the 8-Weeks

So that’s a total value of

  • $80.00 for the fitness/ mobility testing
  • $10.00 a week saving off our regular flexi membership (8 x 10 = $80.00)
  • 2 x Inbody Analysis Scans valued at $60.00
  • Custom Meal Plan by a qualified nutritionist valued at $90.00 
  • Two weekly coaching catch ups normally reserved for Semi-Private members valued at $30.00 a week (8 x $30.00 = $240.00)
  • Challenge Starter pack total value $70.00

So that’s a total value of $620.00 and if you sign up today you get that total value for $80.00 

  • $80.00 to secure your nutrition plan, and the full challenger pack
  • $45.00 per week direct debited from you nominated card or bank account
  • Special deal sign up with three friends or more and each receive a one week discount meaning you only pay for 7 weeks not 8.

Early Bird Memberships Released  Week 1 – Monday 01/09/19 to Sun 08/09/19 

  • As soon as you sign out we begin organising your nutrition and your body scans

Final chance to register 29/09/19 (early bird specials will be sold out by now so don’t waste time)

Week 1 – LAUNCH CHALLENGE- Mon 30/09/19 to Sun 06/10/19

  1. Challenge official launch Wed 01/10/19: allows two full days to process nutrition and finalise last minute body scans and nutrition 
  2. Fitness Testing will be done as component one of the week before and Monday Tuesday prior to challenge kick off. 
  3. Orientation week: launch into your sessions, adjust to the nutrition, and receive heaps of support as you settle in. 
  4.  Fun team challenging (Archery Attack) on the Saturday Morning 

 Week 2 – Mon 07/10/19 to Sun 13/10/19 

  1. Lots of follow up from coaches (focus week) where we just want to make sure everyone is settled.
  2. Saturday breakfast with the crew at a local cafe post workout 

Week 3 – Mon 14/10/19 to Sun 19/10/19

  • Saturday breakfast with the crew at a local cafe post workout 

Week 4 – Mon 20/09/19 to Sun 27/10/19

  • Halfway point ‘Murph’ workout, this is a super challenging but fun workout to be done on Saturday the 26/10/19

Week 5 – Mon 28/10/19 to Sun 03/11/19

  • Team challenge: Dragon Boat racing (don’t know what it is? Youtube it, it’s going to be fun!

Week 6 – Mon 04/11/19 to Sun 10/11/19

    •  Regular classes all week
    •  Saturday breakfast with the crew at a local cafe post workout

Week 7 – Mon 11/11/19 to Sun 17/11/19

  • Run For a cause: We are a major sponsor of Run for a cause and will have a marquee at the event, This will also be a team challenge! 

Week 8 LAST WEEK – Mon 18/11/19 to Sun 24/11/19

  • Final testing 
  • Team Scores Hidden (so it adds mystery towards the awards night)


  • Body scans
  • Testing 
  • Results calculated 

Challenge Awards Night Saturday 7/12/19 

Team winner announced 

  • Male and Female best results winner announced $500.00 prize money to both people
  • MVP award announced $200.00
  • Team winners announced each team member gets Gold Class movie ticket 
  • Food and drink provided come along it’s always a great night


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