This membership is for individuals serious about achieving fitness outcomes. This is the membership that will teach you new skills, and provide you with the ongoing support and skill development to achieve your goals sustainably, efficiently and in a structured way. This is 100% personalised programming in a group setting. You sit down with a coach once per month to build/adjust/improve your program then you come into the gym through any of our scheduled time slots to do your program fully supervised by a coach and with all your mates around you doing their workouts and motivating you. 

If you like the sound of this ? Well hurry and secure your membership as we are only releasing 10 memberships the first month as a trial program.  If your serious about your health and fitness this memberships for you.

What you get:

> Monthly reassessment with a coach where you develop new programming, programming adjustments and set you up for the next month while reflecting on the previous month.

> Access to all the regular class time slots where you can do your own program while the regular sessions are occuring

> Access to three dedicated semi-private sessions where you experience the exclusive semi-private experience in a closed off gym session.

> 10% all associated Underground treatment partners in physio, massage, osteo and performance therapy.

32D Doveton Street North, Ballarat Central 
P 0407 111 853