STR: The strength component will run through a number of phases: Strength (building a strong base) Power (developing from your STR base) Strength Endurance (increasing your overall capacity formed by the previous STR/PWR blocks). This means squatting in all forms, pressing, deadlifting, and all accessory movements that come along with a solid program.

IWT: Interval Weight Training. A highly sophisticated and effective means of multi-variable cross-training to optimise performance in a wide variety of sports. Through the proper selection and manipulation of IWT intensity (load, intensity, volume, and frequency of training) an extremely high level of total athletic fitness can be achieved.

STR/PWR: Power is the rate of producing force, its the main ingredient for all sports that require speed and agility. You can be very strong with large muscle mass yet be unable to display power because you haven’t trained your body to contract your muscle fast. Training to move explosively will enable you to move quicker under load and enhance your speed and agility.

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