I’m a university qualified Personal Trainer, completing the Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science, heading into further studies with the Master of Strength and Conditioning.

I’ve had a large interest in sports my entire life, and always been a physically active person. Growing up I had a major motorbike accident where I needed significant rehabilitation and spent a lot of time in the gym to get me back moving and being active again.

This experience helped me find my passion in the gym, both in training myself and helping others overcome obstacles or injuries, providing the pathway for them to be the best they can be.

This lead to me to university, and throughout my studies, I have found a key interest in the fields of weight loss, strength training, power lifting and sport-specific training. I have helped a number of people with a wide range of training experience achieve their goals and assist in their lifechanging journey.

You can find me at @theundergroundballarat if you want a PT, group fitness class or just want to come on in and see what we do! 


My name is Jordan, I have a Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science and currently completing my Master of Secondary Education.

I have spent time working with athletes in a variety of different sports including completing an internship with the Syracuse University football team in America.

I have got a strong interest in helping people grow and develop their physical capabilities. I enjoy watching people grow in confidence as they are able to achieve tasks  they thought were outside of there capabilities.


I have worked in the fitness industry for 2.5 years now training many different people with different goals.

This has included everyday people looking to improve their body composition and quality of life, high school athletes training for their sport, state level basketball players at the semi-professional level and more.

My formal qualifications are a Bachelor and Honours degree in exercise and sport science and a Masters degree in strength and conditioning.

My key interest areas are in sport-specific training and improving movement quality for everyday life. My biggest belief when it comes to fitness is that you should enjoy what you do. Consequently, I always strive to create a fun and welcoming environment in the gym to allow everyone to get the most out of their time here.


Mitchell is one of our strength and conditioning coaches who also holds a Bachelors degree in Exercise and Sport Science.

He has a passion for improving sport performance as well as enhancing people’s health and well-being. He loves to have a laugh and brings a positive energy to the gym to make it a fun, comfortable and safe environment.

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P 0412 173 153

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