1. Book in your FREE movement screening and foundation session

Book in your FREE movement screening and foundation session. You spend 60 min minutes with a coach delving into your movement patterns and assessing your general physical preparedness.


(Underground Group Training): Our General physical preparedness sessions are the foundations of the Underground and the building blocks for everyday strength and mobility. These sessions are suitable for anyone, and are fully scalable meaning we can have advanced athletes completing the same session as a novice. From working professionals to sedentary men and women looking to lose weight UGT can have a life changing impact on your trajectory in life. Use our Wodify app and Myzone belts to track your progress and better improve your engagement. These sessions have a massive focus on fun and culture so expect a few laughs and some tunes to be playing.

3. Track your progress and upskill

Track your progress and upskill through our semi-private sessions where you can focus on skill work or sport specific training. Actively seek to become better, learn more and improve your health and well being. We strongly recommend our semi-private sessions

Want to try before you buy?

We are so confident you will love the Underground that if we qualify you, put you through the movement screening and you complete your first class and if you are still not happy we will give you your money back.

*Terms and conditions apply -once you complete your movement screening you pay for your first week of membership

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